How to Register an NPO

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

According to Inyathelo, there were 220 543 NPOs registered with the Department of Social Development in 2019. So if you are thinking of registering an NPO, first consider if you can collaborate with an existing NGO so that you can combine resources, energy and time to be more effective.

However, this is not always possible and if not, and you want your organisation to obtain some form of recognisable status, you could register it as a Non Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development. The value of this registration is that it will make your organisation more credible because all registered NPOs must comply with certain prescribed requirements. It will also allow you to open a bank account for your organisation.

To register an NPO by post/ hand delivery
  • complete and submit this form; and

  • and two copies of your organisation's founding document (if it's a trust, the trust deed; if it is a non-profit company, the memorandum of incorporation or if it is a voluntary association, its constitution).

To register an NPO online - follow this process.

There are certain duties that an NPO must attend to once it has been registered

  • display its registration number on all its records

  • keep a record of its finances/ accounts

  • draw up financial statements

  • keep membership records

  • submit a narrative report to the Department of Social Development on an annual basis


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